Doll Competition

New this year! Attendees will vote for dolls in each competition category. Dolls should be evaluated against other dolls entered the day of the competition, not against the perfect doll. Ribbons will be awarded as usual. You may enter one doll in each category. To enter the competition, please complete the linked form by April 16, 2023. Instructions are on the form.

Take home a ribbon in hand for your favorite doll!
Don't be afraid to enter ~ Your doll may be just the special one for this event!

Competition Categories

1. American Girl Series: Pudgy or Slim Strung

  • Quaker Maid #55
  • Colonial Dame #56
  • Southern Belle #57
  • Western Miss #58

2. Topsy and Eva, pair, #176: Judy Ann mold
3. Friday's Child #184: Frozen mold
4. Operetta Series: Plastic

  • Show Boat #311
  • Bloomer Girl #312

5. Big and Little Sister Goes to Play, #62 and #52, pair: Plastic
6. Muffie and Debbie pair: In casual clothes or casual cotton dress, no sports attire
7. Miss Nancy Ann or Little Miss Nancy Ann: In casual clothes or casual cotton dress, no sports attire
8. Baby: Bisque, any Little Miss Pattycake series
9. Family Series, Margie Ann in Playsuit, #78 : Pudgy or Slim Strung
10. I have a Little Pet (with pet) #126: Pudgy or Slim Strung
11. Costumed by Owner in Americana theme, any original Nancy Ann doll

The Nancy Ann West Coast Gathering is proudly brought to you by
Lynn Leatherman, Rebecca Lowell, and Sari Van Otegham.

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