Join us for a delightful excursion to the quaint and historic nearby town of Niles, CA! Labeled as a little old railroad town with a nod to the Silent Film era, Niles is known as one of the hidden gems of the San Francisco Bay Area. Stroll the main street and explore wonderful old buildings containing dozens of picturesque antique stores, museums, and artist shops. Stop by the Niles Silent Film Museum, one of the most important silent film museums in the world. Charlie Chaplin, Bronco Billy, and Gloria Swanson all made films here. Who knows, maybe even our beloved Rowena Haskin did as well! Finally, enjoy great places to eat in this slice of California history. We'll carpool from the Holiday Inn Dublin-Pleasanton to Niles, which is less than 30 minutes from the hotel. Rides back to the hotel will be in the afternoon. 

*there is no additional charge for this event*

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