Nancy Ann Symposium
Friday, May 5, 2023

Spend an afternoon of interactive learning with hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and presentations about a wide array of subjects relating to Nancy Ann dolls.
There will be a registration fee which covers all workshop materials.

You will be able to choose one workshop during each of 3 sessions after you complete your registration.

A special 'Thank you' to Virtually Everything Nancy Ann UFDC doll club for sponsoring this educational event!

See our full program below!

The following is a sampling of classes offered in 2023.

  • Hello, Nancy Ann!       

    Learn the basics of Nancy Ann dolls! What dolls have been produced under the Nancy Ann brand, vocabulary related to Nancy Ann dolls, packaging, historical trivia, community and educational resources, and so much more! See a variety of Nancy Ann dolls up close.

  • Restringing Your Dolls        

    Learn the tips and tricks to restringing arms, legs, and even heads for your Nancy Ann dolls.We'll cover what repairs can be made and which can't. Discussion will include all types of Nancy Ann dolls. Demos will include bisque dolls and babies, Muffie, and more.

  • Cataloging and Inventory Methods        

    Organization is key to managing your Nancy Ann doll collection. From initial examinations to inventories and populating your database. Learn best practices for cataloging your precious dolls!

  • Cleaning and Restoring Costumes         

    "I'm ready for my close-up now!" Learn the best practices for cleaning Nancy Ann costumes. From smoothing wrinkled taffeta and washing grubby organdy to retying bows and pinning dresses.

  • When is it a Nancy Ann...or not?         

    This presentation shows examples of dolls by The Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Company as well as similar competitor dolls. You will learn to recognize the various bisque and plastic Nancy Ann Storybook doll styles and markings, as well as Muffie, Debbie, and Miss Nancy Ann. Identifying factory produced clothing will also be discussed.

  • Doll Cleaning, Restoration, and Joint Repair Workshop       

    Learn the art of cleaning your Nancy Ann doll bodies, tidying wigs, and how to repair broken joints. Restore your dollies to their natural beauty!

  • Make a Nancy Ann Fairy       

    Everyone needs a fairy or two in their collection! In this hands-on session, make your own Nancy Ann fairy doll.

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